If you know us, you know we love CicLAvia!

From the Heart of LA, to Pasadena, to Venice - wherever the open-streets event heads, we're there riding, rolling, and having a blast.

For years CicLAvia has been hosting car-free streets for Angelenos to explore by bike, on foot, or with whatever human-powered transport you prefer. So far, the huge costs (and logistical headaches) of shutting down major arteries in this car-centric town for some athletic adventure have fallen on the shoulders of some awesome behind-the-scenes donors with help from the city and Metro - until now.

Last weekend, CicLAvia held their first ever celebration/fundraiser to give everyone the chance to support the cause that's quickly become a local favorite - and it was a smashing success!

Delicious food and drink were provided by some local culinary superstars, music was pouring happily out of the speakers, and there was bike-parking aplenty! We rolled out a Bourbon to play art-bike and let CicLAvia's fiercest fans get creative decking it out with their favorite riding memories.

The day ended with a raffle and winners took home everything from t-shirts and skateboards to a custom CicLAvia bike - all while raising money so we can keep enjoying the awesome work CicLAvia does for years to come.

If you couldn't make it last weekend, but do enjoy the car-free rides, consider popping over to the CicLAvia page and making a small donation today. And wherever you are on October 16th, get out here. We'll once again be rolling through the Heart of LA without a car on the road - just the people that make this city great and bikes as far as the eye can see.

We'll see you there.