Art Director
  • Favorite Food: Anything-Taco
  • Favorite Look: Matching shoes + Shirt, Always.
  • Favorite Song: Slayer

Phil, like Nick Smith (!!!) comes from Cleveland! Phil has a plethora of experience working in graphic design, the arts and at Nascar. Yeah, Nascar! Personal friends of Tony Stewart, Phil has been to more Nascar races than he'd like to admit. But we're still impressed. One of Phil's coolest talents, outside of at-work design, of course, is his furniture building expertise. Ask him to see his coffee table portfolio. Double whoa! Phil grew up in a metal household. Dreamy, we know. Now, he lives in Silverlake with his girlfriend and commutes to work on...Bicycle! At Pure Fix, Phil oversees our entire Art Department. See something you like? Thank PhillyD (also sometimes called SunnyD, Young-Phil or Philly-Montana)