Accounting & Credit Manager
  • Favorite Song: Disarm, Smashing Pumpkins
  • Favorite Lunch Joint: RFD
  • Favorite Sea Creature: Leafy Sea Dragon

Jovana, sometimes referred to as Jbone, Jmar, JR, Junior or JT, is our staff accountant! Is Zach spending too much money again? Jovana's the one cracking the whip. Aside from cracking the whip, Jovana lives under water. Sort of. Well, her ultimate passion, besides cycling, of course, is marine biology. When not underwater, you can catch Jovana on the big screen in a bunch of super cool indie flicks, such as Killing Cavendish! If you STILL can't find Jbone, look for her with her pup on the hiking trails of Los Angeles. Jovana's favorite Pure Fix is the Keirin Pro Track Bikes!