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"You gotta stay hydrated" has practically become a company motto over here, but we're happier, healthier, and more hydrated than ever - so it's working! Whether it's a long ride, a long day in the office, or a long wait in the checkout line - taking a swig from your handy bottle keeps your body happy and firing on all cylinders. These bottles deliver top-of-the-line thirst-busting, fight mold, odor, and other grossness, and taste just like sipping out of a glass. A glass that's soft and flexible and fits right on your bike. So drink up - and look good doing it!


Pure Cycles Bottle Specs

  • Capacity: Icy Hot: 16oz, Plum: 22oz
  • Purist bottle
  • MoFlo cap
  • Delicious


What We Think

Traece's Review

Stay stylin' and stay hydrated! All bottles will help support our name and support our love to get people on bikes. Spread the Pure Cycles love!