Nantucket Lightship Basket - $60

You’re gorgeous, your bike’s gorgeous, so what’s up with your boring old basket? Feast your eyes on the supple curves of this gorgeous wicker Nantucket basket.  Bask in the sensual glory of those leather straps and gold buckles. Lust after its admirable storage capacity and fill it with whatever your heart desires. No matter what model your bike, this basket will have it (and you) looking like a super model in no time!



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Lightship baskets are made from finely woven rattan cane, the outer skin of the natural rattan vine. These baskets are replicas of the Nantucket Lightship baskets first produced in Nantucket during the whaling era of the 1800s. Attaches to front handlebars with two leather straps.

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How to Install

Let's walk through the super-speedy installation, so you can ditch the rucksack and start rolling in style...

What you'll need

  • Your Basket
  • Your Bike
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