Oblong Asungtaba Bike Basket - $61

Looking for a basket that does a little more than just carry your goods?  How about a basket that does some good?  That’s exactly what these Asungtaba baskets are all about.  Each basket is completely unique in design and hand-crafted in Ghana by House of Talents who provide job opportunities to over 1,000 Ghanaian weavers.  Now that’s a good basket!

The pot design basket brings a new twist to standard bicycle basket design.  Remember, each basket is 100% unique, so colors and pattern design will be completely unique and will not be the same as that pictured.  In other words, be ready for a joyful surprise!


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How to Install

Let's walk through the super-speedy installation, so you can ditch the rucksack and start rolling in style...

What you'll need

  • Your Basket
  • Your Bike
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