PeopleForBikes Original Series - $399

Gloss White frame with Blue wheels and Red accents.

For each of these sold, we donate $100 to PeopleForBikes

  • Your bike, delivered fully bylt
  • 30 Day Returns
  • Best Warranty in the Business


5'2" - 5'6"
5'6" - 6'
6' - 6'3"

Fully Assembled - Right to your door. Learn about Bylt

Low Maintenance

One speed, no fuss. Spend your time riding, not wrenching.

Easy to Upgrade

You’re unique, your bike should match. Upgrades make that easy.

Ride Your Way

Fixed gear for fun and fitness, or freewheel to cruise and coast.


Looking to make biking a bit better for everyone, including yourself? This limited-edition PeopleForBikes whip delivers the same great riding experience as our Original Series with the added perk that $100 of your purchase is donated straight to PeopleForBikes. That’s $100 to help them to continue their tremendous efforts to improve biking everywhere, and a sweet new bike for you to enjoy wherever you are!

Bike buying has never been easier

Choose from 3 Simple Delivery Options at Checkout

Bike Shop Pickup
  • Meet your local Bike Shop!
  • Includes the same service plan as buying your bike directly from the shop
  • Pick up the bike, ready to ride, right from your local bike shop.
  • We'll pick a trustworthy shop so you don't have to worry.
  • Automatically Activates Warranty
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Fully Built Delivery
  • Easiest Option!
  • Your bike, ready to ride, delivered right to your door
  • Orders are shipped to the closest mechanic to you, built up and delivered to your door!
  • Our trusted mechanic will contact you for the perfect delivery time.
  • Keep your hands clean
  • No tools, no problem
  • Automatically Activates Warranty
  • Pronounced like built :)
  • *Only available in major metropolitan areas
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Our mission has always been to get more people on bikes, and PeopleForBikes' mission is to make riding better for everyone. Together, we hope to get everyone out on two-wheels and to make the world to recognize the value of cycling for fun, fitness, transportation, and just because bikes are awesome! PeopleForBikes produces some of the best education and information on the current state of riding and is always advocating to make our streets safer for all users.

Pure Fix Original Series

These are the bikes that started it all and kicked off our mission to get more people on two wheels. Now, it’s our best-selling line! Speed, style, and affordability make these bikes the perfect storm of awesome whether you’re starting out, getting back into biking after a few years away, or just want to get a feel for riding fixed!

Full Original Fixed Gear Bike Specifications

The best warranty in the business

We believe in our bikes and we believe you should be able to enjoy riding without sweating the small stuff - that’s why we’ve got your back! With a lifetime warranty on frames and a 1-year warranty on components, you can ride confidently with the knowledge that we’ve got you covered.

To activate your warranty, professional assembly is required.

Fixed Gear or Freewheel?

We chose a flip-flop rear hub to give you the flexibility to ride fixed or freewheel. Riding fixed gives you an unmatched feeling of connectedness to the bike, the road, and helps you perfect your pedal-stroke. Riding freewheel gives you the ability to coast and cruise, just like the single-speed you grew up on! No matter which you choose to ride, the standard front brake guarantees you can stop either way.

Limited Edition

Complacency is the enemy of innovation. At Pure Fix, we’re always designing, refining, and updating our gear to stay ahead of the curve. Every once in a while, we hit on something truly special that doesn’t work on a massive scale, but is so popular internally, we have to share it with our customers who will appreciate the difference. That’s where the Limited Editions are born. Too weird to live, too rare to die – these bikes are the result of our passion, progress, and desire to push the envelope.

We love happy customers!

If you’re not happy, we’re not happy, and if we’re not happy, why are we doing this? We want you to love your bike and your Pure Cycles experience as much as we love you!

Sizing Chart

Read about Bike Fitting and Sizing on our blog!

This is a rough guideline and we recommend everyone get fitted at their local bike shop. For a quick guesstimate measure your inseam to the floor and select the size with a standover height about 1"-2" shorter than your inseam. Or, you know, go visit your local bike shop! You can also shop by size.

  4’ 4’2 4’4 4’6 4’8 4’10 5’ 5’2 5’4 5’6 5’8 5’10 6’ 6’2 6’3 6’4+
43 CM
47 CM
50 CM
54 CM
58 CM
61 CM
64 CM
  Seat Tube Top Tube Head Angle Seat Angle Chainstay BB Drop Fork Offset Wheel Base Head Tube Length Standover Height
43 CM 430 488 72.3° 74.1° 371 30 46 934 90 686
47 CM 470 525 72° 74.5° 417 70 45 985 90 711
50 CM 500 530 72.5° 74° 417 70 45 985 90 736
54 CM 540 550 73° 73.5° 417 70 45 992 90 762
58 CM 580 580 73.5° 73° 417 68 45 1013 125 812
61 CM 610 600 74° 72.5° 417 68 45 1022 145 838
64 CM 640 620 74° 72.5° 417 68 45 1041 185 863
Pure Fix Cycles Frame Click to download a sizing chart PDF.