Urban Front Rack - $39

Carry everything right up front and take the load off your back with our Urban Front Rack.
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Integrated u-lock holster
  • Carries up to 45 lbs
  • Removable tie-down rails
  • Fits only on Pure Cycles' Urban CommuterClassic Series, Step-Through Series, and bikes with fork-rack eyelets that are drilled for front brakes.



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Urban Front Rack

Specifically engineered to fit a 12-pack of beer and your u-lock, this classy rack is ready to haul it all! Whether it's a run to the corner store, class, or just another day at the office the Urban Rack will cradle your essentials comfortable between its tie-down rails, or you can remove the rails to tote extra-wide loads all the way to your destination!

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How to Install the Urban Rack

Ready to get your haul on? Loading up your bike and freeing up your back is one of the most liberating additions you can make to your rides. In today's post, we'll set up and install one of our Urban Front Racks, perfect for bringing home the bacon, beer, or whatever else you want to tote on your travels. Let's dive in!

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