About Us

Pure Cycles was founded by Jordan Schau, Michael Fishman, Austin Stoffers, and Zach Schau with one mission in mind: to get more people on bikes. For almost 10 years we’ve been designing, developing, and delivering the coolest bikes on the market and it’s been a blast to watch our brand and our bikes spread around the world.

It all began in a dorm room, looking out on the bike racks below and wondering why there were so few bikes in general, and so few cool bikes specifically. Asking around campus, we kept coming back to the same sticking points - people wanted to ride, but they wanted bikes that were simple, affordable, and (maybe most importantly) looked awesome before making the leap. We decided to make the bikes everyone was waiting for - and Pure Fix Cycles was born.

And what began as a quest to make the perfect campus bike, expanded as our company did. Our office moved, we hired employees, we got involved in advocacy and charity, we expanded internationally, we hired more employees, and before we knew it, we were sitting at the head of a table full of bike-loving friends and colleagues.

Pure Cycles Founders

The commuters wanted to design something with gears, rack mounts, fenders, and all the bells and whistles to make their daily trek more delightful. The party-riders wanted to develop a beach cruiser and a coaster for kicked-back revelry and hands-free slow-rolls. The racers (and we were all slowly becoming racers) wanted a track bike that was light, stiff, and fast enough to compete on the high- banked walls of the velodromes in Encino and Carson. And we wanted something for everyone - so we got to work.

Now, as Pure Cycles, our bikes span several disciplines and occasions. Race bikes, road bikes, rad bikes, and we’re always cooking up new ideas because we always find new places and ways to ride! From our successful Kickstarter to breathe life into our e-bike, Volta, to the top-secret newness peeking over the next horizon, each and every development furthers our goal that started it all - to get more people on bikes.

We’re building your dream bike right now. And we can’t wait to ride with you.