Layne's Top 5 Bicycle Accessories

For my blog post this week, I thought I’d continue my top 5 streak and share my favorite bicycle accessory selections. 

As I was doing my research, I learned that there are nearly endless awesome bicycle accessories out there.  Really though, you should’ve seen how long my list was before I edited...then edited a little more...and finally edited a lot more to get down to my top 5:

1. LED-Equipped Gloves.  These gloves are battery-operated and contain fibers that form the shape of a directional arrow.  Not only are these gloves sure to help increase visibility and safety, but they are also smartphone-compatible, so you can text and surf the web while wearing them! 

2. Bike Planter.  Who doesn’t want a little bit of greenery on their bicycle, especially on a City Bike?  As if a vase perfect for your bicycle wasn’t sweet enough, this one is made using 3D printing technology.   Doesn’t get much cooler than that.  

3. Reusable Bags.  It can be a struggle to find the perfect bag to hold your lunch, or your keys, phone and wallet.  But, look no further!  I’ve found us all the perfect little cotton bag that’s moisture-proof and even has bicycle wheels printed on it.


4. DIY Streamers.  What better way to personalize your bike than by making your very own streamers that secure into your grips?  Since you can choose a variety of ribbon colors, you can make the most colorful and exciting streamers there ever were!  

5. Chalk Trail.  Maybe I’m just itching to relive my childhood, but this product by chalktrail seems like the coolest thing since sliced bread.  Just imagine all of the beautiful designs you could make with this hooked onto your wheels!