[EXPIRED] Black Friday / Cyber Monday Run-Up Giveaway!

Gather round, pilgrims!  It's almost that magical time of the year when the sales ripen and the heft of their savings bends the boughs of price within reach. That fantastic Black Friday when, fat on turkey and drunk on deals, we harvest our holiday bounty. That magical Cyber Monday when we scour cyberspace for the trinkets, trappings, and treasures that will carry us joyously into the new year and beyond.

According to the Mayans, last year's Black Friday should have been the last, but we dodged a cosmic bullet, survived another breakneck lap around the sun, and here we are.

Rest assured, we'll be going big this weekend (as we always do), but to be honest, we're tired of waiting! Let's get the savings soiree started right now with a giveaway and a contest!

Now through Black Friday, we're giving away free Pure Fix Go Bags!  But that's not all; one of you will get a bag lovingly stuffed with swag and a $100 Pure Fix Gift Card! We'll wait here if you want to go back and read that again.

That's right, free go bags and one lucky bag stuffed like the turkey on your table, so full of goodness and gifts that you may just want to call it a year now so you can start 2014 on an extra high note.

What're you waiting for?  Grab a bag, hope to win, and we'll see you this weekend with the deals!