Customization has always been a huge part of bicycling culture. Tweaks for optimization and fit, upgrades for power and performance, and aesthetic choices for style and personalization - making "a bike" into "your bike" has been driving DIY-riders to tinker for years. Now, we're excited to deliver that same freedom of design right from the comfort of your computer!

Until now, piecing together your dream bike took some serious scouring, a good bit of bike knowledge, and some pretty pricey tools, but we're making it much more simple. Just pop into the custom bike creator on your computer, pick the pieces to your perfect bike, and our mechanics will get it all built up and shipped right to your door! Your bike gets delivered in the same 90%-assembled state as any of our complete series, so you or your bike shop can have you rolling in no time!

We'll be adding more and more features, colors, components, and choices as we build out the customization tool, so if you don't see your dream build parts yet, stay tuned! And, if you have any questions about just what you need for the perfect whip, drop us a line, chat, or give us a ring and we'll be happy to help you out! 

Now get building! Let's see what your dream bike looks like.