Men's Gift Guide!

With holiday season in full swing, I thought it'd be nice to share my picks for great gifts for those men in your lives. The gifts range from about $11 to $499, so you're bound to find something right in your price point, whatever it may be!

  1. Camp Blanket: $184 - Warm and cozy blanket perfect for those winter camping trips!

  2. Olloclip: $70 - A match made in heaven for your tech-savvy man, this accessory lets your iPhone camera shoot wide and macro images, plus it looks really cool!

  3. The Papa: $325 - With so many colors to choose from, you can’t go wrong with our classic, original fixie line.

  4. Footstraps: $19 - Our footstraps are made from military grade parts and are a great accessory to an original fixie. 

  5. Road Light: $79.99 - With 200 lumens of brightness, this front light makes sure that you can see it all.  Oh and don’t forget about a rear light, too!

  6. Zip Hoodie: $40 - Printed on Alternative Apparel 100% cotton, our hoodie is definitely the warmest and coolest hoodie out there.  If hoodies aren’t your thing, no worries, we’ve got the perfect pullover.

  7. The Bourbon: $499 - Ok, ok, we know, we know!  This City Bike is currently out of stock, but when it arrives, it’ll be such a good present that the man in your life won’t even remember when Christmas was!

  8. The Art of Fixing Things: $11.66 - The ultimate how-to guide for, well, everything!

  9. Classic Watch: $98 - This J.Crew x Timex watch is affordable and classic, what more could you want?

  10. Coffee: $17-23 - Based in Los Angeles, this coffee shop offers tons of yummy varietals.  Here at Pure Fix, we love the San Vicente Late Harvest.