Seriously? It’s January 20th already? At this rate, 2016 will be gone in no time! If you’ve been pedaling with your head down (or you're just still recovering from your New Year’s Eve reveries), there are a few cool new Kickstarter projects that you might have missed. Let’s round up ‘em up!

Boncho by VanMoof


Vanmoof has unveiled their solution to the wet-weather problem – a bike poncho with a rigid structure to keep your hands and legs dry in a downpour. Designed, engineered, and tested with riders in mind, it’s got all the bells and whistles you’d expect in a cycling coat (light, water repellant, breathable, and it folds up for storage). You’ll have to act fast to grab one of these, though. As of publishing there’s only 10 hours left in their (fully funded) campaign, and Bonchos are expected to ship in March. Just in time for those April showers.

Barstow by Mineral Design


Chain tools are an often overlooked part of roadside repair kits, but the first time you need one (or another stranded cyclist does), having one on your bike can make the difference between hero and helpless. The Barstow lets you stash a chain tool right in your handlebars so you never leave home without it! They’re also funding a compact, lightweight, bit-based allen wrench dubbed the Mini Bar, so for a few more bucks you can replace that clunky y-wrench you’ve been hauling everywhere too.

LEA by …XYZ Design


There’s no shortage of colorful bike storage solutions on kickstarter (and our reigning favorite, the clug has been flying off the shelves since they got their funding), but if you’ve got a lot of bikes to put up and don’t mind something a little bigger on the wall, check out LEA. It’s another front wheel wall rack, but the big difference is that it holds the wheels at a 30-degree angle, shifting those pesky handlebars out of the way so you can store a bunch of bikes tightly, side by side! Add a built in cable lock (and room for more robust security), and you’ve got a perfect solution for offices, apartments, dorms - anywhere that a lot of people arrive by bike!