Pedal Power

You know when you wake up on Saturday morning and realize you have nothing planned? don't know?  To be fair, I'd never experienced that glorious feeling until this past weekend, when I woke up only to realize that I had

On my totally free day, I decided to explore Downtown L.A., as I don't think I've been that far East since I had jury duty two years ago.  After roaming through MOCA and getting a latte from Bottega Louie, I found myself on Main Street where I ever so beautifully stumbled into Peddler's Creamery.  Allow me to elaborate on this magical discovery.

Peddler's Creamery is a quaint little ice cream shop that has tons of delicious flavors to choose from, some dairy and others dairy free!  But that's not all.  Peddler's Creamery churns all of their ice cream by pedaling on a bicycle!!  Yep, you read that right.  

Turns out each employee pedals for about 20 minutes a day to make two pans of ice cream, which seems like a pretty awesome conversion rate to me.  Some customers who come in also aid in the pedaling, since the bicycle-churning apparatus is right in the entry-way.  I, of course, wanted to help out with the pedaling and took a photo to prove it!  

If I haven't convinced you to make it out to Downtown L.A. yet, let me leave you with this -- their ice cream is seriously good.  That aught to do it.