You Say You Want a Revo-lution

We're supes excited right now!  This week, we teamed up with our friends at Revolights to take our night game to the next level.

You may remember Revolights from their insanely successful Kickstarter and we've always loved the idea of integrated lights to help us be more visible on the road at night.  Heck, we invented glow bikes to make night riding more fun (and more safe), and this feels like a beautiful extension of that ethos.  

We actually met the guys from Revolights at this year's Interbike show in Vegas (think ComiCon, but for anything related to awesomeness on two-wheels) and knew if we could figure out a way to combine forces, we'd come up with something amazing.

And we did.

That's why we're stoked to announce the Revo Juliet!  Take the sexiness that is the Juliet, swap the stock rims for our 30mm pro wheels pre-built with Revolights, and now every trip you take can look like a scene from Tron!

The pro wheels are lighter than our standard rims, have sealed bearing hubs for better rolling efficiency, and have a machined braking surface for improved stopping power.  Add the amazing visibility of Revolights that project light to the front and rear to illuminate your travels, as well as making you uber-seeable from both sides, and you can see why this is the next step in night-ride safety.  We even made a video so you can see just how well the Revo Juliet works, even on the light-polluted streets of downtown Los Angeles!

You can check out the Revo Juliet for yourself and grab one whenever you're ready to take back the night!

Revo Juliet

You may even find yourself inspired to ditch daylight savings time altogether so you can enjoy the early onset of night year-round.  Here's a handy link if you're so moved that you decide to write your congressperson :).