Pure Fix 2013: Year in Review

Well, we survived another year…take that Mayans!  2013 has come and gone, and oh, what a year it’s been.  Here at Pure Fix, so much happened in the past year, from launching a brand new website to donating over $20,000 to charity, we couldn’t move on before doing a little look back at all the wonder that was 2013.

New Peeps in the House:

Our team really blew up here at Pure Fix HQ this past year.  We brought Jennet, Chris, Layne, Jovana, and Sarkis into the fray, and couldn’t be more pumped!  The family is growing and we can’t wait to keep growing throughout the New Year. 

Giving Back:

A big part of what we love is giving back to awesome charities.  2013 had us teaming up with charity: water to create the Yankee and the Uniform.  We ended up being able to donate over $10,000 to charity: water and the awesome work they’re doing all over the world.  We were also able to donate bikes to over 25 other charities throughout the year.

New Bikes, NEW Bikes, and NEW BIKES:

Our original fixed gear bikes got a big ol’ facelift this year as we debuted Version 2.0.  New dropouts, extra water bottle mounts, upgraded components, and a sweet new head badge.

We also came out with our Pure City line, which we’re super pumped about!  Bikes all about cruising, enjoying your town, and seeing it all.

And just before that calendar turned, we expanded our glow line, teaming up with Revolights to introduce the Revo Juliet…gotta love it!

Making Headlines:

This past year also brought tons of opportunities to work with some of our favorite shows, companies, and corporate dudes.  So many, but the big highlights included bikes featured on the Price is Right, a photo shoot for BMW’s new catalogue, and working with Google to help test some awesome new software.

We were also featured by some sweet websites and publications, including the Wall Street Journal, Uncrate, TechCrunch, and so many more.

2013 in Review:

Needless to say, it was a pretty stellar year.  And that’s not even all of it, we also attended Interbike and Eurobike, introduced our bikes in over a dozen countries, teamed up with the Thompson Hotels to offer our bikes to guests of the Smyth and the Gild, got featured in a pretty cheeky Mike’s Hard commercial, and just had a freakin’ awesome time all around!

What’s to Come in 2014:

As amazing as 2013 was, we are reaaaally looking forward to 2014.  Not only are we excited to continue partnerships with some of our favorite charity and product partners, but we have some pretty amazing things in the works.  In 2013 we launched Pure City, but in 2014 we’re moving from cruising back to crushing.  I can’t say a lot, but I can say this…think speed!

A big thank you to everyone who has been a part of this awesome year!  We appreciate it so much and can’t wait to continue spreading cycling throughout the New Year.

So enjoy the festivities, ride ya bike, and we’ll see you on the front side of 2014.

Party on!