Pro Wheels, 50mm, 650c?! What does it all mean?

With all of our different wheelsets, it’s easy to feel confused.  Trust us, you’re not alone!  I propose we hop aboard the wheelset explanation train and discuss the differences so we can rid ourselves of all this confusion and choose the perfect wheelset!

Let’s start this train ride with our pro wheels!  Our pro wheels are 700c, which refers to the circumference of the rim.  They have a 30mm rim depth and they also have sealed-bearing hubs.  Woo!  These wheels also have a flip-flop hub so you can choose between riding fixed or free, and they have a machined braking surface so you won’t have to worry about your brake pads wearing the paint away!

Now, let’s stay aboard the 700c train and make our way to our 50mm wheelsets.  As you may have guessed, these wheels have a 50mm rim depth, making them slightly thicker than the pro wheels.  Much like the pro wheels, our 50mm wheels have a flip-flop rear hub, but they don’t have sealed bearing hubs.  They also don’t have a machined braking surface, but your brake pads will slowly wear away at the painted rim to create a more efficient braking surface. 

Still chugging along on our 700c train, we’re making our way to the 60mm wheels.  These wheels have the same stats as the 50mm wheels, except they have a rim thickness that’s 10mm greater than the 50mm wheels.  A beefier rim means more durability plus an improved aerodynamic profile, and that’s always good news!

We’re just about at the end of our 700c train, but we’ve got room for one more wheel: the aerospoke.  These super thick, carbon-molded wheels mean business.  In one word, we’d define them as, durable…or maybe aerodynamic…ok, in two words, we’d say, super durable and super aerodynamic.  Whoops!  That’s 5 words, but you get the point! 

Well, that was the last stop of the 700c train, but we're still not done.  We're almost done though, I promise.  Just two more quick transfers, and let's start with the 650c's. These wheels are strictly for our micro bikes, so don’t go trying to put these on one of our original fixies.  They won’t work, we promise!  These wheels have a 45mm rim depth and weigh in at about 3.5 pounds per wheel.

Oof, we’ve nearly reached the end of our journey!  Just one more wheelset to go!  Let’s talk 26 inch wheels.  These wheels, in all their beefy glory, are strictly meant for our FGFS bikes.  Our 26 inch wheels are made from triple-walled aluminum, have a flip-flop rear hub, beefy 14mm axles and weigh in at about 4 pounds per wheel. 

So there you have it!  How does it feel to now be a master of wheels?