Kickstarter Picks

March is marching closer, and with it, springtime, sunshine, and a slew of new reasons to go ride your bike! Every year Spring also brings an assortment of awesome kickstarters as all those snowed-in bike-brains had a Winter full of imagining, prototyping, and tinkering to turn their dreams into reality.

Let's take a look at a few of our faves!

Ovarian Psycos: The Movie


If you ride in LA, you've seen these girls. Riding out nightly from Boyle Heights and East LA, doing their part to build a community of strong women in control of their lives, livelihoods, and the streets they call home. The Kickstarter is raising money to finish the film that's been following the girls for the last four years, and to bring them all to SXSW for the premier. If you've never been able to join one of their Clitoral Mass group rides, now's your chance to support the crew and help their message reach the masses! Let's see them make it to Austin and get the standing ovation they deserve.

Zone DPMX Power Meter


A power meter that works on all your bikes has always been the dream. We've seen a lot of progress over the last couple of years with them moving from the BB, to the crank arms, to the pedals, but we may have finally hit the sweet-spot: your shoes! The Zone DPMX measures power and cadence, streams the data to your ANT+ computer, and attaches to your kicks, so it follows you from bike to bike without having to swap parts. It's finally happening!



And for something a little lighter, how about a bike-based donut shop in the City of Light? Alex has everything he needs to bring his darling donuts to the peeps of Paris, except a way to hit the streets and deliver them. That's where Kickstarter comes in. The goal is a mobile donut shop to sell the his tasty creations (and burn off all the calories of testing out new recipes). He's super close to his target with a few days to go. Let's push him over the top and show the French that bikes and fried dough go together like wine and... well, everything!