Introducing the Coolidge

Warren G. Harding is historically considered one of the worst U.S. President's in history, so when he died in August of 1923, America was itching for an upgrade.  Enter Vice President Calvin Coolidge a.k.a. "Silent Cal" a.k.a. Vin Coolidge.  Cal brought some new flavor to the White House, re-inspired the populace, and got the country rolling smoothly again.  Our Coolidge is designed to have the same effect on you!

The first in our new line of Premium fixed-gear bikes, we started with a 4130 Chromoly frame to build a bike that's stiffer and lighter than our Original series without sacrificing the durability and lifespan of steel.  Next, we added our 30mm pro wheels whose sealed bearings keep you rolling smoothly (no more friction from dirt and dust in your hubs), and the machined braking surface gives you extra stopping power when you're flying through the capitol.  Thickslick 700x25c tires wrap the wheels giving you the grip to keep the bike rubber-side down, and the added flat protection you need for your city's less than ideal roads.  We upgraded the crank, making it even stiffer, so you won't lose any energy or effort to flex in the crank arms, and pre-wrapped drop bars keep your hands happy and help you duck out of the wind to put down even more speed.  Couple all that with a raked chrome fork and quill stem for a classic profile and you're looking at just what the populace ordered to get the country (or at least your bike stable) back on track.

The whole thing weighs in at about 19 pounds and it's even more fun to ride than it is to look at, so dust off your formal duds and pop over to your favorite dealer for the inauguration and a test ride!  We'll see you in the streets (of D.C.)!