National Puppy Day!

It's the biggest day of the year for pupsters and their pals (after the Puppy Bowl, of course); it's National Puppy Day! Nobody knows how or when National Puppy Day began and, if you'd asked us, we would've told you that every day is puppy day - but that's not going to stop us from celebrating!

We've put together a gallery of our favorite riders and their furry friends! Check them out below and get the inspiration to find some puppy-love of your own. It's a great day for a ride over to your local shelter to play with the pups, give them some much-deserved attention, and maybe find a brand new buddy-for-life.

Click into any of the photos to scoop that look for yourself (the bikes, not the dogs, sorry) and, if you make a new best friend today, be sure to take and tag some photos of your own! Sharing your #purefix pet shots are a great way to get into the running for Rider of the Week honors, and who doesn't love cute animals on their Instagram feed?

And remember, it's National Puppy Day for us, but that's 7 days in dog-time, so make today a week your puppy will remember forever. They'll be grown up before you know it, but they'll never grow out of enjoying a ride with you and your bike


(Pure Fix perma-pup)