Riders of the Week

Hear that? The whirring of wheels, the ringing of bells, and the happy laughter of people flying on their bikes - Spring is here in full force, and we've got four brand new Riders of the Week to celebrate!

@Merrady and her Clifton proved that helmets can look way cooler than they normally do, @stephie_m_rod hit the hills and chased the daylight on her Juliet, @emily_pitt added her Crosby to an already stylish living room, and @coltati snapped a pic of his Keirin Pro before they hit the road!

Don't let Spring go by without scoring your own bike some spotlight! Head out for a ride, take and tag some #purefix pics, and you'll be in the running for Rider of the Week honors yourself! It's the only way to earn that Rider of the Month cash, title, and those bragging rights that'll make you king of the beach all Summer.