What's Hot in Headsets

Headsets are thankless workhorses. They keep your bars steering smoothly and keep your fork and front wheel connected to your frame. Without one, you’d basically have a useless unicycle, but most riders don’t know what they’ve got 'til it’s gone. In today’s post, let’s talk ACS headset upgrades and what you can do to keep everything smooth on the road!

ACS MainDrive

Everything ACS makes comes out of their HQ right here in southern California, and the quality is tangible. Their MainDrive headset features forged steel cups so it can handle the roughest roads without getting bent out of shape, and sealed mechanism bearings will keep your bars turning easily, despite rain, road grime, beach spray, etc… If you live somewhere salty (near the sea or somewhere snowy), a sealed headset can be the difference between heading out for a ride or heading into the shop to have your bearings overhauled. This is one of those set-it-and-forget-it upgrades – it just makes everything work.

ACS Crossfire

And, if you’re in the market for a top of the line headset (one that you won’t have to think about for years), check out the ACS Crossfire! This bad boy’s the result of years of cranking out competitive components for the BMX crowd, so it’s the perfect mix of strength and performance. Precision sealed bearings keep everything smooth (and the elements out) while cold-forged and CNCd aluminum provide durability without a hit in the weight department. On my personal bikes, the Crossfire headset is the one thing they all have in common (and the one component that always migrates to my new frame when it’s upgrade day).

Once it’s time for your first headset overhaul, spending the dough for an upgrade can save you a bunch of shop visits (and repair money) down the road. Plus, it’s another opportunity to slap some color on your ride. What’s not to love?!