The calendar still says Spring but the sun’s screaming, "Summer!" and it’s just about perfect weather for a beach-day cruise.

And you’re in luck, because we’ve got two brand new Cruisers to help you to turn those coasty dreams into a reality! Meet Sydney and Duxbury!


Whether you’re riding out to the Opera House or wandering up Wallaby Way, the Sydney’s built to cruise. Get out of your usual hemisphere and head somewhere a bit more beachy. 


And every day’s a cruise with Duxbury by your side. Its Spring hues, Summery feel, and sunny disposition make it the perfect fair-weather ride. Chase the clouds away and cruise to your heart’s content.

Both bikes feature our Sure Foot Technology for stress-free stops and starts, eco-friendly cork grips to keep your hands happy, and big beachy balloon tires to glide you across the boardwalk with ease. Check out the full line of Cruisers, and start planning your beach day! Summer won’t wait much longer.