Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! It's the one day each year we stop to celebrate this little blue marble we call "home" and count our lucky stars that we're comfortably parked 93 million miles away from the nearest one. So what are you doing today to make sure there's still an Earth to celebrate next year? 

Well, besides leaving the car at home and riding your bike today, there's a ton you can do to help make the Earth a happier, healthier place. Let's get eco-friendly!

Ditch the Disposables

Throwing away cups is so 20th century. Disposables are wasteful, damaging, and just plain low quality. Think about it, you're basically drinking out of trash. You wouldn't scoop a cup out of the dumpster to grab a glass of water, so why throw your cup there once you're done? Your drinks deserve something cupboard-worthy and the planet does too.

If coffee or tea are your thing, the Pure City Cafe Cup will keep everything toasty for you and let you snag that BYO-discount at Starbucks to boot! And if you're buying disposable water bottles, stop it. The ocean is already full of discarded water bottles, and at this point we're all pretty sure it's not just trying to be "ironic". Scoop a permanent water bottle so you can stay hydrated and the environment can stay happy.

Use Biodegradable Lube

When it comes to oil, lube, and other petroleum-based products, humans are good at developing some pretty nasty stuff. But we're getting better! Our neighbors to the North over at Orontas engineered some awesome bike lube that's sustainable, biodegradable, and works like a charm! So you can keep everything spinning smoothly, without stressing that your run-off is going to find its way into the water.

Share the Good

And lastly, there's no better way to celebrate Earth Day than by doing some good for your fellow planet-pals! Help make drinkable water available around the world by supporting Charity Water with the purchase of a Uniform or Yankee.

Clean up the air, make the roads safer, and get more people on bikes by supporting People for Bikes with their custom ride.

Or, support the Japanese Red Cross and their efforts to help those affected by the recent earthquakes with a Kumamoto of your very own.

There's a ton of good to be done out there and it's easier to get out there and do it on your bike. Show us what you're doing to celebrate our planet today and have a great weekend!