Get Amped, for the Siva Atom


How often do you have to postpone a ride to let your phone, lights, speakers, etc…. “charge a little more”?


Riding with a dead phone is risky (there’s no way to call for help if something goes wrong). Riding with dead lights is dangerous (cars have a hard enough time seeing us in the daylight). Having dead electronics is just no fun, and since you’re generating those massive watts mashing your pedals already, Siva came up with the Atom, a handy USB-dynamo-charger!


The Atom mounts easily to the rear wheel of most frames (all of the Pure Fix and Pure City bikes – woot!), powers up as you pedal, and charges your USB-goodies on the way… wherever. 

Even better than that, the battery’s removable, so once you’ve arrived at your destination, you can bring it with you and keep the chargin’-party goin’!


It may seem like we’re making a big deal out of being able to charge your stuff, but you’ll understand our excitement the first time you resurrect your phone over a cold beer at the bar, or while you’re busy acing your history final. Or that time you’ll keep the bonfire at the beach alive by spotting your friend’s wireless speaker a little juice. See that cute girl who keeps checking her phone only to remember it’s been dead all night? Go make a friend! Chicks dig the, “don’t thank me, thank my legs” line (note: line untested, results speculative).


Seriously. This thing rocks and it’ll make you wonder why you weren’t harnessing the power of your legs earlier!


You can snag the Siva Atom right here to mount on your existing bike, or grab the Siva Juliet, Siva Bourbon, or Siva Western, and you’ll get the bike ready go with the Atom included!


Grab one so you can power up while you put the power down!