PFTV: Race Training Program

Ready to train for the track? Looking for a guide to go from couch to crit? In today’s episode of Pure Fix TV, Olympic track racer Giddeon Massie shares his 4-week training program that’ll build your base and whip you into race shape. Check it out and start pushing those pedals with purpose!


Can’t crank up the volume at your desk? Need a cheat sheet to take on the road? Here’s a breakdown of Giddeon’s guide:

4 Week Training Schedule


Don’t forget, rest days are just as important as ride days because that’s when your muscles recover and develop.

You can also work some sprint intervals into your long rides to keep things spicy, just don’t burn up all of your energy. Building miles on base days improves endurance, which you’ll need to make it to that last lap sprint.

Join the Pure Fix team on Strava to track your training right alongside the race team, see how you stack up to other riders, and stay in the loop for special training challenges and contests. Now get out there!

We’ll see you on the podium.