New Hotness

We're getting ready to ride into Summer and that means stocking up on fresh swag to make the season even sizzlier! Whether you're looking to round out your ride kit or just need a little retail therapy to get you back into the Summer spirit, we've got you covered from head to toe with this sweet new stock!


Our friends at Hiplok have upped the game again with their new line of super-duty locks. Their Gold Series takes the lock you love and cranks the security up to '11' with thicker, hardened-steel shackles and chains to earn it a Sold Secure Gold-rating.

Hiplok's new Superbright Series buys you some extra visibility and safety on the road by gilding their most popular locks in uber-reflective sleeves that'll shine the light right back at everyone else on the road.

And they've re-imagined their D-locks with the Gold-rated DX that offers unparalleled parking protection in a package that'll make bike thieves reconsider their whole career. Snag one solo or grab the DXC combo to score a matching cable lock for wrapping up all those valuable parts and accessories.


How 'bout some new protection for your brain? If you're ready to rock what may be the most comfortable road helmet around, grab one of the new Kask Mojitos! Thanks to their proprietary adjustment system, the Mojito snugs up to your skull, whatever its shape, without any pinching or awkward tightness. The 26 vents keep your head cool on the road, and it doesn't hurt that they look amazing either.

Looking for some more colorful urban protection? The Free Agent Street helmets wrap the classic city lid in a handful of sweet colors so you can match your mood, outfit, ride, or whatever else you've got! 


What's a Summer kickoff without some new kicks? DZR rolled out their new flat-pedal Shifts just in time for the sunny season, and we're already loving the seamless transition from ride to life. They're the perfect pair for those days when you're riding out to meet the crew, but still need to be able to walk around when you get there. These pups strike the perfect balance of street-style and on-the-bike performance.

We'll keep bringing in the newness all Summer, so stay tuned for even more seasonal picks and, if there's something you want to see stocked, drop 'em in the comments!

Happy riding (and don't forget the sunscreen)!