One of the most liberating things about bikes is their ability to take you places. Combining the freedom and fun of a ride with the productivity of “getting somewhere” feels a bit like cheating the system, especially when you see all the grumpy faces behind windshields and realize they’re paying for that privilege.

But sometimes you just want to ride. No destinations, no timelines, just sailing past ever-changing scenery, feeling the wind in your hair, and watching the world unfold in front of your wheels. That’s how we spent our weekend.

We grabbed a few friends, a few bikes, and hit downtown LA for a good old-fashioned wander through the streets we call home.

Big thanks to Tuan Lee and his crew for their help (again) capturing the sights, sounds, and spirit of the ride and Fictionist for providing the day’s tunes! Check out the photos below for a peek behind the scenes at the smiling faces that kept everything spinning smoothly.

Aaaand, now we just want to go ride bikes some more. Not to anywhere in particular, just out and about to enjoy a little two-wheeled exploration. Try it yourself! Find some friends, ditch the destinations, and just ride. Maybe we’ll run into each other!