Here at Pure Fix, we love bikes. Designing them, building them, riding them, looking at them, just being near them makes us all warm and fuzzy inside. The only thing we love more than bikes in general, are the bikes we call our own. In today's post, we'll take a look at Eric's personal people-mover: the Coolidge he calls Cynthia.

Eric started here a bit over a year ago and he's been crushing the customer service game ever since. Chances are, if you've called, emailed, or chatted with us, he's helped you out and the steady stream of compliments that roll his way every week tell us just how much he's appreciated.

Eric's regular ride is the Coolidge you see here. Fairly stock, Eric's made some selective upgrades and kept the accessories to a minimum to preserve the classic lines of the bike. His favorite upgrades are the contact points -  Brooks saddle, Premium Pedals with leather straps, and new tape on the drop bars. A Knog Blinder up front and a PDW Demon in the rear keep him seen at night and round out his improvements to this stylish whip. When she's not here at the office, expect to spot Cynthia locked up outside Cha Cha or the Gold Room.

Eric's favorite places to ride are Sunset Blvd through Silverlake, and Downtown LA, so keep your eyes peeled when you're in town. And the next time you call or email, be sure to let Eric know just how much you like his bike!