National Bike Challenge Update

We’re a bit over halfway through People for Bikes’ National Bike Challenge and 90,000+ riders have already stacked up more than 23 million miles nationwide! That was enough to make People for Bikes to up their goal from 75,000 riders to 100,000, and puts us on pace to hit the 35 million mile goal too!

As a company, Pure Fix employees have already ridden a combined 14,441 miles, which means we could set off from our HQ here in Burbank and reach literally anywhere in the world! It also means we’ve burned 782,811 calories and saved over 6,300 pounds of CO2, so we’ll all breathe a bit easier (and eat a bit heavier) at the next company picnic!

As a team, Pure Fix fans and customers have covered 20,654 miles and burned over 1,000,000 calories (that’s over 1776 Big Macs – a truly patriotic statistic). At the end of the challenge, we’ll be sending out some goodies to our team’s top performers, so join us and stack those miles!


And if you haven’t even signed up for the National Bike Challenge yet, get on it! There are miles to ride, prizes to win, and 90,000 other riders to talk to! There’s only two months to go – what are you waiting for?