Photo Challenge Winner: Speed

We love to go fast and apparently so do you!

But riding fast and and creatively capturing that speed in an Instagram pic are two completely different beasts. When we threw down our first Photo Challenge and chose SPEED for the theme, we knew we'd get some rad submissions from some truly creative riders - and we did!

The cream of the crop this round was @mannyetorres who blew us away with his warp-speed long-exposure shot that bent the very fabric of space and time! Manny's Echo stayed fixed in the frame while the world streaked past, an indecipherable blur of colors, lights, and suckers too slow to keep up.

Of course, in addition to worldwide fame and renown, Manny will receive a Buckshot Bluetooth speaker so he can blast his tunes as he approaches light speed!

Manny did have some stiff competition, just take a look at these other amazing entries:

We had loads of creative submissions, Pure Fix riders don't disappoint! Thanks again everyone who tagged #purefixspeed, and don't forget to check back soon to get a jump on our next photo challenge!