Revolights Eclipse

With the days getting shorter and the nights getting longer, your bike’s light game is more important than ever. Which makes this the perfect time to check out Revolights’ newest creation, the Eclipse!

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The Eclipse is designed to deliver the same awesome, eye-catching, visibility as the original Revolights, but without any unsightly cords heading to your hubs! Thanks to a snap-in battery, the new lights live exclusively on your rims and the result is a super-clean look day or night.

Revolights is also developing an app to pair with the lights and that’ll add a whole bunch of new functionality as well. Ride tracking, remote on/off, turn signals, battery status, weather alerts, and more… these puppies will be packed with features!

Check out the (already fully) funded IndieGoGo campaign if you want to get in on the initial batch, or keep your eyes here on our site because you can bet we’ll be stocking these suckers as soon as they’re in production (we’ve already backed the campaign and can’t wait to get our first pair)!

Stay bright out there, and ride safe!