Bike Serial Numbers

Your bike is one-of-a-kind, and not just because you've spent countless rides getting everything perfectly dialed in. Before they even leave the factory, each bike is given a unique birthmark on the bottom bracket. Like a fingerprint, that number's the key to identifying your bike and getting it back if it ever goes missing. In today's post we'll check out where to find your ride's serial number and what to do with that info to keep your bike secure!

Where is it?

First things first, where do you find your bike's magic number? The serial number will be engraved underneath the bottom bracket shell on the frame. Just flip that bike over and take a peek! Sometime's there's a sticker over it, sometimes it's covered in road dirt, but it'll be there!

Congrats, you found it! Now what?

Take a Picture


Fancy camera rig not required.

Get out your phone, snap a photo, and email it to yourself. Easy! And now you've got your serial number in your phone and the cloud so you can't lose it. Do this now. Seriously. Everybody says they'e going to record their serial number eventually, but if your bike gets stolen before you do and the cops recover it, you'll be really disappointed when you can't get it back because you can't prove it's yours. Maybe write it down on a business card and put it in your wallet too - just in case.

Register Your Bike

And now that you've got that hot new serial number burning a hole in your pocket, why not take a second to register your bike? You can drop your info into our official  and we'll keep it all on file for you in case you ever need it. 

You might also want to register your bike in one of the national bike registries. That'll help ensure that thieves have a harder time selling your bike if it's stolen, and give the cops some ammo if they have to go looking for your missing ride. Hopefully it never comes down to that, but if it does you'll be happy you've got all the important bits written down.

And that's it! Now that you've got your serial number recorded (in several redundant systems), you can focus on the important things - like riding.