Back in stock!

Yo dudes & dudettes - Happy Friday! Secondly, we have even better news. For all you dudes that have been waiting uber patiently for our India's, Juliet's and Bravo's to come back in stock, it's your lucky day! For most of you...

We just received new Juliet 54's, India 50 & 54's and Bravo 47 & 54's in stock! As always, these are all $325. Not only that, we've upgraded a bunch of the components and refined our frame for a better overall riding experience.

Not only that, we have front and rear brake kits available NOW.

First ten people to use code 'FRIDAYlyfe' get free nightlights with their purchase. Just add the lights to your cart and use the code and you'll be ALL set.

Let us know what you think! Have a nice weekend, all!