Grease up!

So, it's come to our attention that the art of the grease isn't as widely known as we think it should be. So, we're here to teach a lesson! 

When building your bike, without the use of some lubricant, you'll run into lots of problems. QUICK. Without professional assembly or grease, some of the things that can go wrong are pedals stripping, crank/BB stripping, seat post not tightening enough, bars slipping, bearings not turning easily enough.

So, here's the solution: We like to use Finish Line Grease. We like to use it for everything. As much as we can. Always! But really, when assembling bikes, here's what we make SURE to grease:

  • The threading on the left and right sides of the pedal arms
  • Inside the downtube (where the seatpost slides into)
  • LOCK RING - If this isn't tight, your lock ring may slip which can cause your hub to strip!
  • When replacing anything (ie. Bottom Brackets / Fork / Stem), the threading and anywhere there's metal on metal
All you need to know to keep your bike working in tip-top shape! Any questions? Just give us a shout on Twitter, Facebook or our support lines: / 855.255.5011