Holiday Sale

[UPDATE] The holiday deals have ended.  We hope you enjoyed them!

Ho-Ho-Ho-Hoh man, it’s HOLIDAY TIME!

And here at Pure Fix, we’re very politically correct when it comes to the holidays.  So, in honor of our political correctness:

Merry Happy Wintertime Holiday Celebration Time!

Yes, it truly is a wonderful time of year.  And we want to make it a truly wonderful time for you too.  So, we’ve whipped up a little something that just might catch your cat fancy.


- $299 and FREE shipping for all Std. Fixies with coupon code: DONNER
- 20% off all Pure Fix Brand wheelsframes, and accessories with coupon code: BLITZEN

That’s right, ALL Pure Fix brand accessories are 20% off.  Need some footstraps, lights, new saddle, pedals, bars?  All that goodness and more is available for a big discount.

So get your holiday shopping done early (which for us, is anytime before Wintertime Holiday Celebration Time Eve) and snag these deals up before they’re gone!

Happy Holidays!