It's almost Black Friday

We know, you’ve been waiting for this all year. That special Friday and Monday where the world of sales seems to converge in on itself until it finally bursts in an outpouring of beautiful, beautiful deals.

And we got good news, Pure Fix is about to explode!

In fact, we’re so ready, we can’t even wait. So to wet your whistle, we got a little taste of the feast we have in store...
From now until Turkey day, head on over to our website and get your very own FREE Pure Fix bag.

Not only are we offering free bags, but one lucky pilgrim will win a $100 Pure Fix shopping spree! Just get your free bag and you’re automatically entered to win.

And don’t you fear, that’s just the beginning. Keep your eyes peeled because after Thanksgiving it’s going to get crazy...I mean really Grandma-had-a-bit-too-much-rum-cake-and-is-telling-it-like-it-is crazy.

So grab a bag and stay tuned!
Oh, and happy holidays, y’all!