This is Movember!

Welcome to Movember!

It’s a month all about giving back and growing out a sweet ‘stache at the same time. Here at Pure Fix, we love swanky facial hair, especially when it raises money for cancer research.

And guess what, if you give a little, we’ll give you a whole lot less than a PURE FIX SWAG BAG!

So log onto our donation page.  Throw down any amount you want, include your address in your Mo message, and we’ll send you a big ol’ thank you hug in the form of awesome Pure Fix stuff (to add your message, just click on the “Add Message” tab under your donation amount).

And make sure to join our team and spread the word!  Get all sorts of signed up here.

So get to growing, get to giving, and get to kicking off Movember right.

Happy Movember, y’all!