Building a Fixie from Scratch - Part 1

Yo!  My name is Brendan, but everyone here at Pure Fix calls me Brenda. As the intern, one of the things I get to do is assemble a fixie from scratch! Today I will be assembling the fixie of my dreams and documenting the process. 

Here goes nothing...

First off we’ll need to clean out the bottom bracket threads. This frame had some paint in the inside, and needed to be cleaned. Once cleaned out, you’ll need a cartridge bottom bracket tool. You might need to go to a bike shop to help you out with this part, because most people don’t have this type of tool. 

Once the bottom bracket is put on and tightened, then it’s on to the cranks. For putting on cranks, all you’ll need is an allen wrench. 

Just tighten the cranks to the bottom bracket. Now the chain. Luckily for us, we had the right size chain, so all we needed was to add was the master link to connect the chain. Next we chose a color for our wheel set, and started putting on tires. Check out our Tire Post for info on that step. 

Stay tuned for the next Assembly Post.  


-- Brenda