So, dudes. You may have noticed, all our new fixies come with 28x700C tires. What does that mean? 28 it the thickness of the tire. The width. The wider (the 28 number) the tire, the cushier the ride. The thinner (23's and 25's) the tire, the bumpier the ride and the more aerodynamic the bike. 

(Note: Tire size is always a personal preference thing. No size is better than another. It's more which you prefer and what suits your riding lifestyle the best.) There are pro's and con's of both thin and thick tires. Why did we switch to 28's? Well, a lot of our riders asked us to. What does it mean for you? Well, all our new bikes come with heavy duty Kenda Kwest tires. Some people like thinner tires because of how light weight they are along with their increased aerodynamics. Our new tires are simply Built.To.Last. No, but really, these tires are specifically crafted to withstand the utmost road abuse with fixed gear riders in mind. 

Want to be able to ride over pot-holes and not pop a tube? No problem.

One problem with 23's and 25's is that they're easily damage-prone. If you're riding in an urban metropolis like Los Angeles, the streets are rough enough to bust your tire and tube after only a short ride.

On the other hand, thicker tires weigh more and don't have QUITE the same top speed. We decided 28's were the perfect middle-ground for our fixies. Why? Because our riders aren't going to break speed records. Our riders ask for a tire that's practical for commuting, doing tricks, and getting around. That's precisely what Kenda Kwest's are built for.

Not only do our newest fixies come standard with 28's, but we have TONS more colors to offer on the side. We also have 32's if you're REALLY tough on your tires. Stay tuned for more!