Drops, Bulls, Risers. What's the difference?

Some of you may have noticed all our bikes come with Risers but that we sell drop bars and bullhorns on the side. Generally, these differing types of handlebars for your bike are all about personal preference. However, I wanted to explain the pro's and con's of each.

Firstly, Riser bars. Again, Riser bars come standard on all our bikes and can be purchased separately in silver, black and gold. Risers are BMX style handlebars that are, for the most part, straight bars. These ship with Oury grips and are widely used for all-around city commuting, freestyle riding and general urban transportation.


Drop bars



Bullhorn Bars



Riser Bars


Lots of riders prefer risers due to their versatility and ergonomic comfort. One of the reasons riders switch to drops or bulls is to allow for better back support and enhanced aerodynamics.

Drop bars, which come in silver, black and gold, have a drop down angle to the handlebars. The rounded bottoms allow for multiple hand positions, all with a different purpose. Some riders hold these bars on the horizontal top, which act as a riser bar. For a more aggressive feel, riders drop their hands to the bottom of the curved bar. This helps with better aerodynamics and allows wind to pass over your back for increased speed and comfort. Generally, riders drop to the lower hand position when at higher speeds.

Bullhorns, which also come in silver, black and gold, have a more racy, upright feel. Bullhorns get their name from their shape - A bull's horns. Riders that switch to bullhorns do so for speed and aggressiveness. One main advantage of riding with bullhorns is that once fully extended, your body weight is transferred to the front wheel of the bike, releasing the weight from the rear wheel. Lots of riders use this technique to help skid-stop.

One note about bullhorns and drop bars is that typically, people wrap them in tape. Tape comes in all shapes, colors and sizes and can be used to further accessorize.

Not sure which works best for you? Feel free to get in touch!