Video Shoot, Rick Kleinsmith

Well? That was wild.

We spent a few days with Rick Kleinsmith of ‘To Live and Ride in LA’ shooting a promo video for Pure Fix and I couldn’t be happier with the progress and results. After spending some quality time with him and some of the best riders in LA, I have no option but to share some stories about the time Michael and I spent with King Future, Gio, Leen, Jesus, Allaudin and Rick.

We arrived at Rick’s house at 10 AM on Tuesday to prepare for the final day of shooting. They had already spent a couple days getting footage of the riders smashing down hills, jumping stairs, wheelie’ing through traffic and more. So, we left Rick’s at noon or so, headed downtown to his secret spots and the games begun.

We started off with Leen skidding down some of the steepest hills I’ve seen while Gio was doing Wheelie’s and bar spins through traffic. Then comes Future. Future, riding nearly 40 mph through the 2nd Street tunnel, crushes it on his custom Papa.

You should’ve seen this dude riding over the 6th street bridge. This guy? The definition of hustle. We were impressed. Very impressed. Almost as impressed as the hobo’s on 7th and Fig who recognized him from his past rap career.

5 more locations, 8 more hours of shooting, 0 beers later, we wrapped the shoot and headed back to Rick’s for a post-production meeting.

Can’t wait for y’all to see this video. Stay tuned for some seriously hot chicken.

-ZPack – –