San Francisco Bike Expo

Yo dudes,

Well, that was fun! We had a quick trip to San Francisco for the SF Bike Expo this past weekend. We met tons of amazing riders, mustaches and all. It was chilly in SF; a nice change from the consistent LA fall.

The India

We raffled off a brand new Pure Fix at the day 1 afterparty at Rassele's Jazz Bar in the Mission district. Congrats to the oh so delightful Nathalie Davis on the big win! Excited for you, hun.

Dining tour of SF from the Pure Fix dudes: Day 1 we ate at a highly recommended Chinese restaurant called Mission Chinese. Set in the heart of the mission, this (spicy as all #*&^#*&# hell) chinese place was a gem. We ate so much pork that evening - Don't get me started. BYOB made for a great evening and a tougher morning. We went home to our buddy Seth's house in Bernal Heights and sucked down a few chocolate sundays before bed with friends.

Day 2 of the SF Bike Expo was a great success. We spent a lot of time with Ben and the guys from Fyxation. Can't wait to get more of their tires, pedals, seats and more. We met some great dudes who party from a shop in Long Beach that came to show off their award winning Scraper bikes. All good. Check them out here:

For lunch, our assistant Kamyar picked us up some of the junkiest fried chicken from Safeway. Don't ever go. Oh ya, Rule #1? NEVER eat in your booth. I did anyway.

Next up? Trades. Trades? Trades. We love a good trade. At the end of trade shows, nobody wants to load their stuff into their trailers and drive home, so everyone's open to barter. Boy oh boy do we barter. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Note: I never lose.

We traded a bike for some great art pieces by a guy who's an artist/cosmetologist out of SF. I'd tell you his name if my mind wasn't clouded with thoughts of heavy dairy. China traded a set of wheels for a bike roller which I was drooling over. I went for it, 100%, and got shown up by an 11 year old. Sucked. Trade of the day? Wheelset for 6 cases of O.N.E. Coconut water. This stuff is good. Real good. We traded for some RickShaw bags that are super cool. Locally made and quality that's palpable. Love that stuff.

All around? Great time. Got home last night about 3:30 AM and back to work by 9. We're making bikes here, this ain't Trip Lake sleep away. Thanks to everyone who came by to say hi. No knuckleheads on the bus. 

More soon, promise,