Where's your lock? Wear your lock!

Great news, everyone! (Nope, not a guest post by Professor Farnsworth)

Hiplok's are in stock so now you can rock out with your lock out!


These things are seriously sweet.  A heavy-duty chain lock that you wear around your waist when you're not using it means no more fumbling with frame mounts, digging through your backpack, or leaving your lock on the counter at home when you head out!  

Plus, when the folks at Hiplok aren't stressing about how to make your bike more secure, they're figuring out ways to make you safer while you ride.  That's why they gave the Hiplok reflective lettering to help cars see you on your bike, and it's never locked while you're wearing it so it's always adjustable, easy to access, and won't accidentally get locked around your waist if you lose the key (thank Kenny, the intern over at Hiplok for realizing that design necessity).

Wear your lock, and never wonder "Where's my lock?" again!


These last 3 photos from Juliet Elliot's sweet review here!