The Pure City Tour: Stop 3, Langdon St.

It’s that time of the week!  That time where no one else has any really good ideas for the blog so they let me take over for the day and talk about streets.  And this week, I packed up my imaginary panniers and rode my city bike up north to the cold, cold, coldness that is Wisconsin.

Now, I know that at this point you might be asking yourself, what is a Langdon Street?  I mean, Western Ave., Bourbon St., Crosby St., Abbey Rd., these are all pretty well known pieces of pavement.  But Langdon Street?  Why Langdon Street?  Well, let me blow your mind a bit…WITH THIS MAP!!!

Okay, so maybe it’s not mind blowing, but it does help explain why we named one of our new Pure City bikes after good ol’ Langdon.  The idea for Pure Fix Cycles was born in Madison, Wisconsin, just off Langdon Street.  The concept was simple, create a riding experience that was both exciting and affordable.  That was the goal with Pure Fix, and we wanted those same concepts to be at the forefront of Pure City…literally, that’s why we kept Pure as the first word when naming our new bike line.

Langdon Street was chosen to represent our roots and our continued focus on making bikes that are simply a good time.  City bikes that are fun, affordable, and a riding experience that is, above all else, pure.



Welp, that wraps up stop #3, and it looks like we’re on the home stretch!  Three down and only two left to go.  So be sure to come back some random time next week when they let me take over once again.  I’ll be making my way over to the home of oversized apples, Crosby Street, and many a salsa…New York City!?!?!

See you there!