The Pure City Tour: Stop 4, Crosby St.

Guys, it’s Wednesday!  Why am I excited?  Because Michael had convinced me it was Tuesday, not nearly as good as Wednesday.  So, to celebrate my new found love of today, and Wednesdays in general, here’s the latest installment of the Pure City Tour.

This week, I’m spending my beautiful imaginary afternoon in New York City, the home of our Crosby’s namesake, Crosby Street.  Being someone who has not actually spent a whole lot of time in New York (once I walked around Central Park for a day…that was cool) I asked our resident New York expert what makes Crosby Street so special.  Jordan, take it away!

“It’s a beautiful little street in Soho, but off the main drag.  It’s home to a dear sweet friend of mine, Brian Pennybone.  Great coffee shops, great vibes.”

Thanks, Jordan!  And what’s one thing that really stands out about Crosby Street?

"Saturdays Surf; a surf shop/coffee bar/chill spot/actual bar.”

At this point, Layne (not our resident New York expert) decided to chime in as well.

“I google mapped it, and there’s an American Apparel.  That’s pretty cool!”

Thanks Layne!

Well, there you have it.  Crosby Street has a little bit of everything.  It’s got chillin’, fashion, drinkin’, and all around good times.  And our Pure City bikes are designed to have a little bit of everything as well.  Built to ride through the city, cruise down the beach, and take you from your favorite coffee spot to your favorite waterin’ hole.

Thanks New York, it’s been real.  Now, time to strap on my sea legs and head off to London!  Probably have to take an imaginary steam ship for this one…if only there was an Atlanta Ocea-unnel to rival the Chunnel…then again, I’m sure if there was, something like this would happen:

And I’m off!