Airplane Mode

Face time is more than an app you accidentally click and then shut off in a panic. Summer’s all about spending time with your friends, out, about, and exploring your world.

In the spirit and celebration of shared experience, we’re excited to present Airplane Mode. Give it a watch, ring up your crew, then shut down your phones and enjoy every second of these sweet Summer days. Because even though friendship is forever, Summer’s only here for a while – get out and soak it in!

Director: Cynical Smile | Music: Swim Team, "I'll Always Come Back" | Producer: Douglas Kerr / WENDEL | Talent: Eveline Van Brande, Ben Barnick, Corina Barnick, Alino Barbosa, Anna Ehrgott

If you or a friend need a ride, don’t forget to enter our Epic Summer giveaway for a chance to win one of 12 brand new bikes, and then hit the road! We can’t wait to see how you celebrate the season on two wheels, and we’ll see you out there.