Back(pack) to School

We’re more than halfway through the Epic Summer and while there’s still plenty of sunshine left to celebrate, the “back to school” frenzy is already picking up for all those early enrollees out there. Whether you’re prepping for the new school year, or just need a new way to tote your work-gear, we’ve got some great new bags in stock to help you haul it all!


If you’re feeling the nostalgia for a no-nonsense backpack that’ll fit in on the playground, the mean streets, and everywhere in between – check out the Fjall Raven Kanken or the Herschel Heritage.

Perfect for hauling your homework, lunch, tools, and whatever else you need in your day-to-day without making you look like a “suit”. Stylish, comfy, and designed to keep your chiropractor happy (or you can just rock one strap like the cool kids).


If your life has more ups than downs, you’ll want something lightweight to keep the climbing easy. In that case, consider the Herschel Packable Daypack for a super-reflective go-bag that packs up small enough to stuff in a pocket.

Or, ditch the backpack altogether and hit the road with a Herschel Seventeen Hip Pack! The fanny-pack is back in a big way, and there’s nothing like having your back free of burdens if you’re just popping out to the bar, gym, or café.


And if you live for high-mileage, you’ll need a bag that can carry it all. The Herschel Barlow RS Trail is designed to help you haul your camp from bike to hike and everywhere your adventures take you. High-volume and low-weight mean you can pack it all before you have to start worrying if your shoulders are up for the workload.

Whatever you choose, make sure your bike’s in ride-ready shape to close out Summer and roll into the school year. We’ll see you at registration.