Bags, Not Baggage

Live long enough and your bound to have had a bad bag experience. Whether it's the strap breaking on your favorite backpack, the zipper eating the interior lining, or just the bag losing its shape and turing your carefully packed goodies into a tangled mess - there's nothing more heartbreaking than bag betrayal. 

And when the days of "new school year, new bag" are behind you - you really need some totage that can take a beating and still look like it means business. That's why we're super excited to show off our sweet new collection of Timbuk2 bags! Excellently engineered, durable enough to live the bike life, and backed up by a lifetime warranty, so you can trust your bag and get on livin'!

Duffel bags, backpacks, seat packs, panniers, we've got over 100 different bags and colors in stock, so you can get the carry-all that suits your needs and your style. Heck, you could even get one to carry your stylish suits!

Most importantly, though, these are the bags trusted by riders that live, and make a living, on their bikes. Rigorously tested, lovingly crafted, and again, backed up for life by the people that build them. 

These are bags that'll never let you down. So leave that old bag baggage behind.

And we'll see you out there.